Do you have customers looking to increase their rental income? Perhaps they are purchasing a further investment property or making refurbishments to an existing property making it more energy efficient? Our first charge buy-to-let mortgage could be a suitable option.

Specialist first charge buy-to-let mortgage lending for your clients

  • Lending up to 75% loan to value (LTV)
  • Smaller loans from just £10,000, all the way up to £500,000
  • Individuals and limited companies
  • Lower value properties (from just £75,000)
  • 125% rental coverage
  • ‘Top slicing’ available
  • Holiday lets, HMOs, non-standard construction properties
  • First time landlord/first time buyers with no rental history up to 65% LTV
  • Adverse credit considered
  • Properties in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Mercantile Trust provides buy-to-let solutions to those clients with specialist requirements. Customers with credit problems? We can help. Do they need a flexible approach to affordability calculations? We accept personal income and surplus buy-to-let income to supplement rental coverage. Ask us about top slicing!

Call our advisers today. Your customers could get a lending decision in just one call.

Why choose Mercantile Trust?

Customers value our common sense and flexible approach to lending, as we recognise that one size does not fit all. If your customers are looking to purchase an unusual property, their circumstances require personal consideration, perhaps they’ve had credit history issues, or for any other reason they are struggling to borrow, we could be the lender for them.


What is a first charge buy-to-let mortgage?

A first charge buy-to-let mortgage is for customers who are looking to buy a property and rent it out to tenants.

What are the benefits of a first charge buy-to-let mortgage?

The main benefit of a first charge buy-to-let mortgage is that your customer can generate income from an investment property. Rental demand continues to grow and so does the average minimum deposit requirement for first time buyers. This often causes them to rent a property as an alternative to buying, due to it being more affordable.

Is my client eligible for a first charge mortgage on their buy-to-let property?

For your customers to enquire for a buy-to-let mortgage they must fit the eligibility criteria. The criteria are as followed:

  • They must be at least 18 years old
  • They must own their main residence or have been renting for a minimum of 12 months
  • They must meet the minimum deposit requirements

How much can my client borrow with a first charge buy-to-let mortgage?

With Mercantile Trust, clients can borrow from just £10,000, all the way up to £500,000.

Is a first charge buy-to-let mortgage suitable for my client?

If your customer is looking to generate additional finance, a buy-to-let mortgage may be suitable for them.
It is important to note that there are risks for any type of borrowing, so it is always worth doing research before considering a mortgage.

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