Our product range

Bridging loans

Our bridging loans are available from £25,000 to £750,000 for up to 18 months. Whether your client is looking to buy a property at auction, bridge the gap between a purchase and sale, or just needs extra money for any other legal purpose, our first and second charge bridging loans could be the perfect solution.

As a specialist lender, our bridging loan criteria means that we can provide the finance your client needs, with no redemption penalties or exit fee.

Interest is calculated daily, and can be serviced or rolled.

All of our bridging products come with the aoption to refinance to a BTL term.

Residential bridging loan

Residential bridging loan

For when there are no works required, loans available from £25,000 up to £750,000 up to 75% LTV. Rates start from 1.02%.

Refurbishment bridging loan products

Our refurbishment range enables investors to undertake light to heavy refurbishments across all property types.

Light refurbishment bridging loan

Light refurbishment bridging loan

Planning not required, most suitable for investors looking to refresh a property i.e. kitchens, bathrooms, rewiring, plumbing, decorating etc. Loans available from £25,000 up to £750,000. Our light refurbishment bridging loans are available up to 75% LTV with rates starting at 1.02%.

Heavy refurbishment bridging loans

Heavy refurbishment bridging loans

For properties requiring significant structural improvements and planning permissions such as wraparound extensions, loft conversions etc. Loans available from £50,000 up to £750,000. Available as a 1st charge only, up to 75% LTV with rates from 1.17%.

Micro bridging loans

Micro bridging loans

Loans available from £25,000 up to £49,999 up to 75% LTV with rates from 1.04%.

Buy to let mortgages

We provide fast and flexible first and second charge buy-to-let mortgages from £10,000 up to £750,000 over 3 to 25 years.

Whether your client is looking to purchase a new investment property or enhance a property within their portfolio, the criteria for our buy to let mortgages means we are here to help you.

Fast and flexible borrowing solutions

We are committed to providing excellent customer service. You can expect a fast, simple and easy process from beginning of your submission to completion.

We offer a common sense approach to lending, decisions are made by humans not a computer. If the deal makes sense, we have the ability to be flexible. We look to say “yes” where other lenders have said “no”.

If you’re not already registered and would like to work with us in the future, please complete our registration form.

Fast and flexible borrowing solutions

Lending process

The lending process is simple. Everything you need for the client is generated from the portal.

Industry leading service and speed

Mercantile Trust pride themselves on quality and speed of service'. We place you, the intermediary at the heart of everything we do. As such, we find our turnaround times listed below.

Service level commitment:

  • Applications submitted before 3:00pm will be worked the same day.
  • Post will be worked the same day if received before 4:00pm
  • Referrals worked within a two hours of receipt.
Industry leading service